Atom Power has recently released the world’s first ever digital circuit breaker. It is now available for commercial use. Experts believe that through this, people can now manage their electricity faster and easier.

Benefits of the Digital Circuit Breaker

digital electrical deviceThis digital circuit breaker is 3000 times faster than the fastest mechanical breaker.

Since this new circuit breaker is digital, it can now be connected to your smartphone or tablet. Instead of having to go down to where the circuit is, you can do it over your phone. It can also break the circuit much faster to avoid overloading.

It’s efficient and improves safety. Mechanical circuit breakers are slower than the flow of electricity. Through digital circuit breakers, electrical hazards are avoided. Its speed is capable of interrupting up to 10,000 amps.

In the long run, it’s also possible to save money.

Hyper-Intelligent Device

This digital platform streams all the power into a one-of-a-kind and hyper-intelligent device. You can now distribute power based on a schedule.

According to Atom Power CEO, Adam Kennedy, you will never notice the difference. There won’t even be a flicker of light. It’s a seamless operation that avoids bigger problems.

When mechanical circuit breakers in large buildings go faulty, the issue gets bigger. That is because there’s a bigger source that is in demand.

Atom Power’s intelligent product set includes the circuit breaker, the distribution panel, and the software.


There hasn’t been any change in the circuit breaker industry for 140 years. Although we have become more tech savvy each day, circuit breakers remain the same. That is until today.