Workplaces nowadays are filled with various electrical appliances. Workplace injuries caused by electrocution or shock are more common. That’s why it’s essential to know some workplace electrical safety tips.

Workplace Electrical Safety Tips

Below are some tips to help keep your office safe.


Make sure that every appliance and fixture is unplugged when not in use. Apart from draining energy, this can cause overheating and power surges.

It’s also best to turn off everything by the end of the day.

Another thing we often do is yanking out the plug from a distance. Never do this and instead, pull it from the top. Yanking the wire can cause damage.

Under Rugs

Never run wires along the floor, under wires, and under tables and chairs. Avoid anywhere with regular human traffic and activity. These are tripping hazards.

Additionally, cords under rugs and carpets overheat. Carpets are also flammable so it can easily catch fire and spread.


Ensure that everything is properly insulated and grounded. Check it first before using it.

Overloading and Extension Cords

Prevent overloading. Don’t plug in too many electrical appliances in a single outlet. It’s also not safe to connect two extension cords in one receptacle.

If possible, stop using extension cords on a regular basis. These should only be used once in a while and for short periods.

Call for Professional Help

In case you need help, call a professional electrician in Santa Rosa, CA. Never DIY repairs especially if you have no prior experience or knowledge.

Follow these workplace electrical safety tips and avoid injuries.