Winter Home Electrical SystemWinter brings ice, snow, and other weather phenomena that can affect your home’s electrical system. Before the cold sets in, it’s best to prepare your home by checking everything and making upgrades where they’re needed.

Electrical Safety Tips For The Winter

Here’s how to protect your home electrical system from the hazards of winter weather:

Insulate everything

If your house is well-insulated, you’ll be using less heat and energy to keep the inside of your home nice and toasty throughout winter. You will also be less vulnerable to power outages and extreme weather conditions. Check on your insulation, your HVAC’s outdoor unit, and any part of your electrical system that sits outside the house. Cover your water tank with a warm blanket so that the water does not freeze up and warms faster when you’re getting ready to start your day.

Trim your trees

Heavy snow can bring down branches and entire trees onto power lines, causing outages and possibly even fires and electrocution. Before winter comes, take a walk around your property and see if any branches need to be cut off.

Surge-protect your electrical equipment

Heavy rain and snow can lead to power outages. When this happens frequently, your appliances could be affected by the power surges and incur some damage. Have a surge protector installed to protect your fridge, television, computers, and other appliances and gadgets from power surges.

Check your HVAC system

You should have your HVAC system serviced before winter. If the system breaks down in the middle of bad weather, electricians may not be able to fix them and you’ll have to endure days without heating.