Your home is your sanctuary as you spend a great amount of time building memories with your loved ones. The right kind of lighting and illumination can change the way your home looks and feels. Accent lighting focuses on illuminating a certain area or object, and tends to highlight areas or other home décor items.

Although there are many types of accent lights, here are some common ways to use accent lighting to get the look and feel of your dream home.

How To Use Accent Lighting

Use Backlighting for areas or other objects. A light behind or placed right below a piece of art will provide a bright halo effect. This will certainly glam up the room.

Use directed lighting. Directed lighting will highlight only certain areas of the room. This is a great way to showcase only certain areas of the room.

Try using recessed lighting. Recessed lighting fixtures are blended into the ceiling or other areas. These are great for providing accent light because they fit in with any type of furniture and décor.

Try different types of bulbs. Changing out the types of bulbs in your fixtures can drastically change the look of your room. Fluorescent bulbs last longer and are more energy efficient.

Use lamps to provide accent lighting. Lamps are great way to provide accent lighting. They don’t require installation and can be switched out and changed as you update the look of your home.

There are several way to add accent lighting to your home, but these simple tips are sure to change the way your home looks and feels.