We’ve all become very used to the existence of surge protectors in our homes: those funny little strips into which you plug your computers, home entertainment appliances and anything else you want to keep safe from unexpected electrical mayhem. Here in Santa Rosa, electrical installation services are accustomed to the presence of surge protectors, and they also understand why they’re such a vital part of your modern electrical system. Here’s why you need surge protectors.

They basically act as a defense against power surges: an unexpected increase in electrical energy caused by a thunderstorm or similarly surprising event. The resulting spike increases the voltage coursing through our electrical system, which may often prove more than your computer or television system can handle. In many cases, they can survive such a spike intact, but in the event they can’t, it could prove very expensive to repair or replace all of the damaged equipment. Considering how important computer systems are to today’s world, and considering how much time you spend enjoying your television, DVD player and/or video game system, a surge protector just makes a lot of sense.

How does it work? Each surge protector contains a grounding wire, connected to semiconductors that can detect the voltage in the line. When the wiring experiences an electrical surge, it diverts the excess energy away from the plugged-in devices, keeping them safe from overloads and continue working even after a dangerously high spike.

You can further help the process by ensuring that your electrical system is up to code and by making any repairs to your wiring or fuse box as soon as you detect the problem. In Santa Rosa, electrical services are provided by the trained experts at Mister Sparky. We know why you need surge protectors: electrical systems will invariably encounter spikes, and with so much of our experiences relying on access to the internet and similar devices, an overload could be devastating. We can ensure that there are no problems with your electrical system as a whole, as well as ensuring that your surge protectors are the second line of defense rather than the first. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. One of our professional Santa Rosa Electricians will be there immediately!