Your car is inspected regularly to keep your vehicle running efficiently and find potential problems with your vehicle. The same should be done for your home’s electrical system. Like your car, you may not notice the issues that are increasing until you have a professional inspect your vehicle. Your home can benefit from a similar regular Electrical Safety Inspection as well. 

Mister Sparky, Santa Rosa’s trusted electrician, offers annual electrical safety inspections to ensure your house is safe and efficient. If you’ve just moved into a new house, or you’ve never had an electrical inspection performed at your current home, then now is a great time to get your home’s electrical system inspected. 

What Does an Electrical Safety Inspection Entail?

An Electrical Safety Inspection is a complete and thorough inspection of your entire home’s electrical system. Our 37-point system inspections are designed to ensure that your system is performing to maximum efficiency. During our inspections, we’ll look at:

  • All wires
  • All components
  • All appliances to ensure they are efficient and up to code

When the inspection is complete, we’ll provide a detailed report. This preventative maintenance will extend the life of your electrical panel and decrease the risk of breakdowns and home safety hazards.

How Often Should a Home’s Electrical System Be Inspected?

There are a few occasions when getting an electrical inspection is a great idea. When you are looking into purchasing a house, you may have an inspector go around and check out the house to find potential issues with your new property. Generally, these housing inspectors look at the integrity of the construction and tend not to touch the electrical work. That’s why if you’re in the process of buying a house, you will also want to get a home safety inspection around the same time.

If you have an older home, or you’ve been in your home for years and haven’t had an electrical inspection, then you’re well overdue. Not only can an electrician find hidden problems, but they can also help you solve current ones. If you’ve changed out any appliances or systems that rely heavily on large amounts of electricity, then getting an inspection can help with your energy efficiency. If you’re tired of high electric bills month after month, Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) is a voluntary home energy retrofit program that offers whole-house, comprehensive approaches to improving residential energy efficiency.

But even if nothing has changed in your home and you feel that your home electrical system is running efficiently, it never hurts to have regular annual inspections performed. Maintaining your system with an annual safety inspection can help you get ahead of potential issues and avoid large repair bills or property damage down the road. 

What Are the Benefits of Having Your Home Electrical System Tested Regularly?

Routine electrical maintenance is not something that should be put off until something goes wrong with your system. Prevention is the best way to keep your system operating properly, and nothing beats preventive maintenance in the effort to keep electrical problems with your system at bay. 

An inspection can tune up your appliances to make sure they’re running efficiently. This ensures that your electric bills stay manageable and that you’re not wasting any energy.

If you like the idea of regular inspections, but don’t think you can remember to get them done every year, then you should join Mister Sparky’s Home Inspection Club. With membership, you get electrical inspections for free, even if you move. We’ll transfer your membership to your new residence. You also get priority on service calls and a 10 to 15% discount on repairs. 

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If you’re ready to get your home’s electrical system inspected, then contact Mister Sparky today today. Your inspection can help save you money and can prevent dangerous situations from arising in your home.