In a very short amount of time, we’ve gone from using old-fashioned box TVs to modern flat-screen TVs for our entertainment needs. Flat-screen TVs are sleek, stylish and can provide high definition images: light years ahead of older televisions. Their thin format means that they can be mounted on walls like a picture frame. This can free up space that might otherwise be taken up by a bulky TV stand or entertainment center console. Theoretically, you can install such an appliance yourself, but here in Santa Rosa, electrical services provide a professional option. Why use an electrician to install a flat screen TV in Santa Rosa? The answers are obvious.

In the first case, your television will need to be connected not only to the nearest electrical outlet, but to any auxiliary components such as a DVD player or audio speakers. An electrician knows how to install such wiring with elegance and efficiency. If possible, he or she can run it through the walls so that it doesn’t appear outside the walls and mar the elegance of the room. In others, he or she can ensure that the wires are connected smoothly and made as unobtrusive as possible. A professional electrician knows who to link such system efficiently, eliminating the tangle of wires and cable that often appears with do-it-yourself jobs.

More importantly, an electrician can offer a guarantee of quality that you just can’t get if you perform the operation yourself. Flat screen TVs require a wall mounting placed in the right position to hold the weight of your set. It also needs the aforementioned wiring installed in the right spots in the right way. If you make a mistake, you could be on the hook for any inadvertent damage to the wall. In the worst case scenario, an inadequate mounting could start out fine, only to fail and drop your TV to the ground: destroying it and inflicting further damage to your wall. Professional electricians guarantee their work so that you can cheerfully avoid such occurrences.

If you know why you should use an electrician to install a flat screen TV, then call on Mister Sparky to help. We operate out of Santa Rosa, electrical services include such installations, and we guarantee that our work is of the highest quality. Call us today to make an appointment!