outdoor lightingInstalling Outdoor Lighting

We use our backyards and patios for a variety of things. Whether you are hosting a summer barbeque or sitting around a fire during the winter, we use the outdoors to create lasting memories for our families and friends. A sign of a great party is that they will often last until the later hours of the evening, and because of this your home needs good outdoor lighting.

What type of outdoor lighting is best?

There are several types of outdoor lighting but you should let the space determine what type of lighting is best. A small patio will require different lighting compared to a large country-style area.  Some lights and bulbs are better suited for the outdoors as they direct brighter light with a greater number of lumens towards your desired areas.

Outdoor lighting can improve safety and security.

If you have intricate landscaping you might want to illuminate walkways for your guests and highlight unique feature of your area such as plants and trees. This can be a good safety measure as well because you are less likely to get injured in the darkness while you are outside. There are also security lighting that can be activated by notifying you if there are any unwanted persons on the premises using motion sensors.

Adding outdoor lighting increases functionality of your home.

With deficient lighting, some areas outdoors are not as safe as these areas are dark and can limit your usage. You can illuminate  decks by adding lighting into the rails and posts. On covered porches, recessed lighting is a great way to provide overhead lighting and  illuminating the entire area. A number of different types of fixtures can also be added to brighten up any section of your outdoor space.

You should choose the type of lighting based on your areas usage and need. Having great outdoor lighting not only improves functionality but also improves safety and security.