There are quite a few things in this world that homeowners can be confident doing themselves. Wiring a pool or hot tub is not one of those things. Without professional experience and expertise, wiring any kind of electrical appliance can be a dangerous proposition at best. When you at a conductor like water to the mix, things can only get worse. Read on for an explanation of why professional pool and hot tub wiring is vital.

It’s a Complex Procedure

Wiring a pool heater or hot tub is not easy. For one thing, pools and hot tubs contain a lot more electrical wiring than you might expect. Want to use your pool at night? You’ll probably want a pool light, and that needs to be installed and wired properly. Want it heated so you can use it on colder days? That’s going to need to be wired, as well. Want some controls for your hot tub beyond “on” or “off”? You’ll need to have a panel wired into it. There are tons of amenities for these luxuries that most people never even think about until they’re confronted with them.

Each of these options requires a different procedure and, in many cases, different kinds of wiring altogether. All of them have to be rated to work properly with your home’s electrical infrastructure, to prevent burn outs or otherwise overloading either end of the system. It’s not easy, and you really want to have someone who knows what they’re doing handling it.

If Done Wrong, it’s Very Dangerous

Any time you’re dealing with an electrical current, you want to be careful. With larger systems, the amount of electricity coursing through them is often more than enough to prove fatal. Now, take something as minor as an electrical pool light, and submerge it under a few thousand gallons of water. Even a relatively small electrical current can be enough to electrify the entire body of water if exposed to it. You don’t want to take the chance of turning your pool or hot tub into a danger zone. Call a professional to do it, so you can have peace of mind every time you use your pool or hot tub.

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