electrical panel installation

Thinking about installing your home’s electrical panel? Think again. While we are in the age of do it yourself with online guides and tutorials, an electrical panel installation can be very dangerous if your try to do it yourself.

Beyond the risk, state and building codes may not allow for the average Joe to engage in this type of work. A job of this magnitude requires a licensed electrician coordinated with the electrical utility company. Here is an overview of an electrical panel installation and why you need to hire a professional.

How To Install Electrical Panels

To give you an idea of how it works, this is what licensed electricians do when installing electrical panels:

  • The first step  in installing the electrical panel is to mount the breaker box to the wall of the utility area where the main service wires are located.
  • If the service wires are not already there, the electrician feeds a fish tape through the main service opening. The main service wires are now secured to the end of the fish tape with electrical tape and pulled back down into the breaker panel.
  • The service wires are then bended for installation into the main breaker.
  • The ends of the service wires are then stripped to make the connections to the main circuit breaker terminals at which the main service neutral wires are connected to the neutral buss bar and the branch circuit hot wires are connected to the branch circuit breakers.
  • Excess wire is then looped along the metal panel box. The cover of the circuit breaker panel is then installed and the electrician now turns on the power and ensures all circuits in the house are operating correctly.

Call Our Trained And Certified Electrician

Seems simple enough, right? Although the process isn’t too complicated, there are many problems that can arise and worse, you could get electrocuted if you do not install it properly. A licensed electrician is trained and certified to complete the electrical panel installation. They are also licensed and bonded if anything is to go wrong.