Electricity is one of the great booms of the modern era: providing reliable light, heat and comfort that people could only dream about for most of human history. We often take electricity for granted in this day and age, which can sometimes blind us to the dangers it poses. Decades of safety innovations and civic building codes can ensure safe reliable electrical systems in our homes, and here in Santa Rosa, electrician services can quickly correct any problems that arise, but you need to be aware of those problems and stand ready to make the call quickly when they crop up. Here’s why electrical problems are dangerous.

The biggest danger is simply a loss of power, which cuts you off from the outside world, as well as preventing your from heating or cooling your home efficiently. Here in Santa Rosa, the latter is more of a danger – summer temperatures can reach triple digit – but winter nights get cold too, which can increase health problems if you don’t have an adequately warmed home.

More direct dangers can come from surges, overloads and damage wiring that causes sparks. These conditions can cause significant damage to your household electrical system, resulting in costly repair before you can use the power again. More directly, sparks or similar symptoms of a faulty electrical system can cause a fire. Because wiring runs through crawlspaces and other hidden parts of the house, the fire might not be noticed right away. The dangers of such a situation are self-evident, and without a reliable repair service to help, will end up costing you your home and well as posing a significant threat to your safety.

Electrical services are provided by the Santa Rosa electricians at Mister Sparky. We know why electrical problems are dangerous, which is why we work so hard to ensure that our work stands up to the test. We pride ourselves on the ability to accurately assess your problem and fix it with courtesy and efficiency. If you suspect an electrical problem in your home, don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment. We’ll make sure you’re happy with the results.