Here in Sonoma, electrical repair companies have to deal with all kinds of issues, but circuit breakers are among the most common. People can grow upset when the circuit breaker keeps tripping, shutting off power to a given outlet or set of wires. An electrician can usually diagnose the cause of the problem and institute repairs, but you may be curious as to some of the common causes to this prevalent issue.

“Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?” you ask. We’ve broken down a short list of some typical answers.

  • Circuit overload. The breakers are designed to cut off electrical power when a given circuit has too much power running through it (that is, there are too many appliances plugged into it). It actually works to prevent further damage to your electrical system (including fires in the worst cases). The trouble is that the circuit won’t work until you reduce the load on it by unplugging some appliances. Pay particular attention to circuits supporting a lot of high-powered items, such as computer banks or an entertainment center.
  • Ground fault. A ground fault involves a classic set of crossed wires: the hot wire or black wire touches the ground wire, creating a serious electrical problem and resulting in a tripped circuit breaker. A professional electrician can adjust the wires so that they don’t come into contact, or replace them if that’s what’s called for.
  • Short circuit. A short-circuit is similar to a ground fault, save that it involves different wires. In this case, the how wire comes into contact with another hot wire, or with one of the natural wires. When they come into contact, it increases the flow of power, forcing the circuit breakers to trip before the wires or the outlets are damaged.

Regardless of why your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it pays to get a professional electrician to do it. Electrical services in Sonoma are provided by Mister Sparky. We have the skills you need to perform repairs with speed and efficiency, and we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with our work. Pick up the phone to give us a call today!