electrical outletWe use electricity every day in our homes and usually, we do not notice if our electrical systems are running smoothly as it is such an integral part of your home. However, when an electrical outlet is not working, it can be both inconvenient and frustrating.

What can cause electrical outlets to stop working and when should you replace them? If you have an electrical outlet that has stopped working, these are usually the common causes.

Failure of Electrical Outlets

Tripped circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers are equipped with fail-safe mechanisms and it is common for single circuit breaker to trip, causing a single or many outlets to stop working. You should check your breakers reset any that have shut off.

Old and faulty outlets.

Electrical outlets can stop working due to use or for no reason at all. The contacts or wiring can become loose and may need to be replaced. Sometimes electrical outlets will burn out due to a spark or fire. This can cause the outlets to stop working.

When should you replace your electrical outlets?

You should replace your outlets if they stop working and the cause is not due to a tripped breaker. You should always call for a repair if your outlet sparks, smells like it is burning, or only works intermittently.

Faulty electrical outlets or outlets that have stopped working can be a serious safety hazard for your home and family and you should consult a licensed professional if you experience any of these signs and need to have the outlet replaced.