An electrical service panel is required in order to break up the amps sent to your home into the various branch circuits throughout the building. Power moves from the electrical company’s line, through a meter, and to the main panel, which will hopefully break up the amps in such a way that it can power everything you need.

Unfortunately, your home may have been wired in a way that simply does not suit your current needs. And this is quite common; many homeowners find themselves running into problems when they try to add on circuits or install new appliances in their home. A trained electrician can upgrade you to a new circuit panel, particularly if you’re experiencing one of the following scenarios.

  • You want to increase the capacity of your electrical system. Older homes were built with electrical systems designed to accommodate the capacity needed to run a standard home. Several decades ago, electricians could not have anticipated all of the gadgets we would have in our homes in modern times, which is why you may run into various electrical problems when you try to add on if the panel is already maxed out. In this case, the service panel likely won’t be the only component in your home that needs an upgrade—you’ll also need to replace some wires and sockets that run from the meter utility to the meter to your home.
  • You want to upgrade from a fuse panel to a breaker panel system. The main service panel of many older homes used fuses to protect you from electrical hazards if a problem with the flow of current posed a threat to your home and safety. If you have a modern circuit breaker, the circuit trips when it senses a problem and simply needs to be reset to regain power. With a fuse box, a fuse blows out whenever it experiences a problem and needs to be replaced.
  • You’ve experienced problems with your current panel. One important reason to upgrade an existing service panel is if you experience electrical problems. This may include overheating or burnt out conductors.

You should only allow a certified specialist to do work on your electrical panel and wiring for safety purposes and accuracy. Call Mister Sparky to speak with a qualified electrician in Santa Rosa about how you can improve the electrical system in your home.