Generators in general are not things that Californians often think about. We don’t really have to worry about snow in most places, or storms knocking out the power on a regular basis. Even in this environment, however, there are cases where we need backup power on hand in case of emergencies. Now, you very likely don’t need the kind of massive power output required to keep an entire house running for an extended period of time. If you only need a couple of devices to keep running, though, a portable generator could be a perfect choice for you. So when should you consider getting a portable generator?

Medical Equipment

This is perhaps the most common and important reason to keep a portable generator. There are many people who have medical conditions requiring vital medical equipment be installed in their home. Though power outages are rare, failure of this equipment for any length of time can be life threatening. It is always a good idea to have a working portable generator ready if you have medical equipment in your home.


Refrigeration failure is usually not life threatening, but can still cost you hundreds of dollars in lost food and other goods. If you have above average refrigeration needs for any reason, a portable generator is a great way to protect your goods from spoiling. It might even be worth having one for a normal refrigerator if you experience frequent power issues.


It can be devastating to lose progress on a project during a power outage, especially if you’re working with time sensitive material. Much of the time, regular saves and backups can mitigate this issue. In some cases, however, you may not be able to afford waiting for the power to come back on. If you regularly work on labor intensive or time-sensitive materials, it pays to use a portable generator for emergencies.

If you are considering purchasing a portable generator for your home, call Mister Sparky. We are experts in the proper installation of portable generators throughout Santa Rosa. We can walk through the whole process with you, from selection to installation to maintenance, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your power will be there when you need it.