Here in Napa, electrical repair technicians can handle most any sort of trouble you might have with your electrical system, including preventative and maintenance care. You don’t need to wait for a major breakdown to deal with repairs. A timely troubleshooting session can often catch a problem before it starts, enabling you to fix it at a fraction of the cost it might involve otherwise. A good electrical service can provide solid preventative maintenance session for you, but it helps to know what’s involved in an electrical troubleshoot session before your begin.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

The technician starts by examining your various electrical outlets and looking for any potential signs of trouble, such as an overloaded outlet or an appliance. He’ll inspect the outlets themselves to see if the connectors are loose, or if there are any dead outlets in your home anywhere. (You may be able to help out if you notice any outlets that are hot to the touch, or which cause problems whenever you plug anything in.)

From there, the technician checks the breaker box to ensure that all the breakers are functioning as expected. If any are faulty or broken he can note them for future replacement. He’ll then check the wiring with a voltmeter to ensure that it can carry the expected load properly. Outside lights will be checked, and any overtly dangerous situations – such as water puddling near an electrical circuit or frayed wires that might start that might start a fire – will be noted. If further repairs are required, the technician can then schedule an appointment knowing exactly what’s involved and exactly how long it will take.

The experts at Mister Sparky know what’s involved in an electrical troubleshoot session, and are trained to perform it with skill and aplomb. The Napa electrical repair electricians at Mister Sparky need to be able to stop problems before they get out of hand, and with our experience and knowledge, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. Call us today to schedule a session and let us ensure that your electrical system is performing at its peak.