If you live in an older house, you may have outdated wiring: it may handle routine power needs, but will encounter trouble with modern equipment. You might even have difficulty getting a house insured because of potential safety hazards with older wiring. Sometimes the best option to ensure safe electricity in your home is whole-house rewiring.

Sounds drastic, doesn’t it? Yes, whole-house rewiring is labor-intensive, but there’s no reason for it to cause you serious headaches as long as you hire experienced electricians to take care of the work. People who have gone through the experience of trying to do the work themselves often wish at the end they had let professionals handle it from the start. Only professionals have the extensive knowledge in all areas of electrical power needed to get this job done right.

You should turn to Mister Sparky for your whole-house rewiring job. Santa Rosa, CA electrical work is in good hands with us. We offer straightforward pricing and a one-year guarantee on all our repairs.

If you choose to stay in your home during the rewiring, the electricians will maintain your old wiring as long as they can for your convenience, and they will also leave the house in good condition every day. A large part of the work involves taking up floorboards for the electricians to access the space where the majority of the electrical wires run. Professionals will make sure to do this carefully, and return the floor to its original position at the end of each day of rewiring.

The electricians will then install the new wires into sockets, switches, and lights, and afterwards plaster over the wires and fill in any holes made to get the wires to their destinations. After this work is finished, the technicians will run tests to see that the new wiring adheres to building and fire codes. (Getting this right is one of the many reasons you shouldn’t attempt a house rewiring yourself.)

How long will all this take? It’s different for every home. For example, a three-bedroom house for a family of four could require a week to ten days to rewire. If you choose to stay elsewhere during the job, the work will go faster because the electricians won’t need to restore floors at the end of each day and maintain the older wiring.

When you need whole-house rewiring in Santa Rosa, CA, electrical experts from Mister Sparky can get the job done fast and meet all your needs.