house fireFaulty electrical wiring cause the majority of house fires. Whether your house is new or old, you should have the wiring checked every year to lower the risk of an electrical fire.

Causes of Home Electrical Fire

Electrical fires can be caused by overloaded outlets, malfunctioning appliances, and worn or damaged wires. Many electrical fires begin in the bedroom, particularly during the colder months when people use heating appliances more.

Sometimes, the origin of an electrical fire is obvious. But more often than not, it starts somewhere you can’t see. For instance, faulty wiring can cause electricity to arc and produce large amounts of heat. This heat can ignite wood or dry insulation.

This often happens during winter, when the humidity drops and old insulation and wooden walls can easily ignite. By the time you see smoke billowing out of an electric outlet, it’s already too late. The fire has most likely spread inside the walls and is possibly on its way to the attic and the roof.

Fatalities can happen when homeowners who have noticed a burning socket and are unaware of the growing electrical fire assume that turning off the power solves the problem. If you suspect an electrical fire, turn off the power (if possible), leave your house, and call emergency services to report the fire.

Unfortunately, electrical fires are especially tricky to contain and put out. Water should never be used to try to put out an electrical fire. You could get electrocuted doing this. Firefighters use a special extinguishing agent for electrical fires.