Whether it’s all about lowering your electricity bills, or helping the environment, saving energy is a must for all, especially at home. 

Simply put, energy saving at home is more than just turning off the lights when not in use. It is also a whole lifestyle choice that will be more effective if shared and practiced by everyone in the household. 

Some energy saving practices are also a bit questionable nowadays because the way home appliances and other gadgets work isn’t the same as it was before. That’s why it’s important to know the most useful ways on how to save energy in the house, and what must be avoided.

Purchase energy-efficient appliances

It’s a good thing that manufacturers provide more energy saving solutions, that’s why we should all take advantage of it. Invest on appliances, gadgets and home fixtures that are energy-efficient. 

Opt to use energy-saving LEDs than normal light bulbs. Invest on inverter appliances than non-inverter ones. Compare wattage of items, especially when buying lights and lamps and choose the ones with lower consumption. There are a lot you’ll discover once you start choosing energy efficient items for your home

Avoid big adjustments on your thermostat

Cranking down your thermostat to the lowest level won’t cool down your home quickly, same thing when heating it up. Making huge adjustments on your thermostat will only reset its settings, consuming a lot of energy than it should have.

This also goes with any appliances with thermostat settings, like the refrigerator, AC, or even your water heater. These gadgets are programmed to work gradually that’s why no matter how high or low you turn them, it won’t work as fast as you need it. It will only consume more energy faster.

Seal gaps, holes and chimneys

Making sure that there are no leaks in your roof can save 10% of your energy consumption. Apart from gaps and holes in the roof, chimneys must be closed off and sealed properly to avoid water leaks from outside.

Fix electrical wirings

When your electricity bills always surprise you by the end of the month, there might be something going on in your wiring system. This should not be taken lightly as it can be very dangerous for you and your family.

Unfixed wiring systems can be everyone’s worst nightmares, not just for your bills. Bad or tampered wiring may cause a series of accidents including electrocution and house fires. Consult an electrician if you think you need help in figuring this out. 

Go ‘Au Naturale’

Natural light is best during the day, not only for your electricity consumption, but also for your health. A well-ventilated home is a healthy home. 

During seasons when outside air is better, open up your house. You won’t be needing to turn your AC anytime soon once natural cool breeze enter inside your home. Windows must be conducive for proper ventilation and lighting. Take a moment to draw the curtains off and bring in the outdoors.

Unplug fully-charged gadgets

Not everyone knows that fully-charged items still consume electricity. Unplug devices that are already fully-charged to avoid wasting energy.

If possible, never leave your mobile phones or any device charged as you sleep. Practicing responsibility around things is key. This will help you keep your devices longer, as well as use electricity more efficiently.

Clean your AC

There’s more you can achieve from cleaning— it helps save energy as well. During the months you’re going to need to turn your AC on more often, you have to prepare it for the extra work. Do that by keeping its filters clean and well-maintained.

Using ceiling fans on big rooms will help you cool down and will avoid you from making huge adjustments on your thermostat.

Grill it out

Save on kitchen electricity consumption and opt to cook outside. On warm spring or summer days, grill your food out instead of cooking it on your stove or oven.

Buying all-in-one kitchen appliances will save you from the hassles of food prep while letting you save on electricity. For example, rice cookers with built-in steamers let you cook rice while steaming your vegetables all at once.

Use renewable energy sources

Solar energy is one energy source that we should be taking advantage of. Installing solar panels on your home will keep your electricity bills down for the long haul.

As it is helpful for you, it’s also a non-harmful way to use electricity. It doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases that pollute the air. Using solar panels lets you help the environment in your own little way.

If there’s something good about saving energy, it’s the overall effects that come along with it. Proper discipline and practice should be maintained inside the house and by the whole household. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to see your electricity bills go down? 

Electricity is one resource we all need, might as well do our share in conserving it. Mister Sparky also got expert electricians in Santa Rosa, CA that can give you expert tips to save energy more effectively. Talk to us today!