kitchen lighting optionsGood lighting is important in the kitchen. You need sufficient light to be able to safely cook your meals. Good kitchen lighting also makes the space more comfortable and inviting. It also drives up the value of your home.

Your kitchen lighting should fit your style, your home’s decor, and your budget. Here are some good options:

Track lights

Track lights are super versatile, relatively inexpensive, and incredibly easy to install. You can adjust their position to illuminate dark areas in your kitchen. You can put them on a dimmer switch. The multi-directional lamps let you direct the light to highlight certain features of your kitchen.

Flush mount lights

These are a great choice because they attach to the ceiling with little or no gap to collect dust. Their proximity to the ceiling also means they’re never in the way. Installation is easy and doesn’t require a lot of carpentry or electrical work. Flush mount lights come in a variety of styles to fit any type of decor.

Grouped pendant lights

Pendant lights over the kitchen counter or island are a trendy option. They won’t light up the whole room but they do work nicely if you want to highlight just one area of the kitchen. Pendant lights can be put on a dimmer switch. Unfortunately, if your kitchen has a low or sloped ceiling, these aren’t the best option.


An elegant choice for a glamorous kitchen, chandeliers are more expensive than the other options. But if your goal is to make a bold statement with your lighting choice, this is perfect. Chandeliers are easy to install and can be put on a dimmer switch as well.