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We use electricity to power almost everything in our homes. As such, we rely on our home electrical wiring systems to operate smoothly and efficiently. Problems with electrical wiring can be very serious as they can result in dangerous situations and costly damage to your property.

But how do you know if your system is problem free? Even newer homes can have problems with their home electrical wiring systems. No matter how old your wiring is, most begin to show signs and symptoms that they need to be repaired.

Electrical Shocks.

This sign should not be ignored. If you feel a shock after touching an appliance, you may have a serious wiring issue. Not to be confused with static, this usually occurs due to improper electrical wiring.

Flickering lights.

Although some lights flicker because they need their bulbs changed and replaced, it may occur due to poor or loose connections in the light fixtures or their related wiring.

Electrical outlets and switches not working.

If you have a switch or outlet that does not work or only works periodically, you may have a wiring issue that a licensed professional needs to repair.

Frequent trips in your breaker.

Circuit breakers are designed to trip as a built-in security measure. If you notice your circuit breaker is constantly shutting off, this may be a sign that there is some sort of issue with your wiring.

These are just some of the warning signs that you may have problems with your home electrical wiring. If you experience any of these or suspect your wiring needs to be replaced, consult a licensed electrician. Ignoring these types of issues can be very dangerous and may cause costly repairs and damage to your home.