Petaluma ElectricianIf you’re going to cut corners, never do it with your electricity. Electrical problems can and should only be repaired by a professional. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself in danger.

That said, here are five things you should look for when hiring a Petaluma electrician.

5 Things To Look For An Electrician


Your top priority should be the electrician’s credentials. He or she should be able to show you their state license. Electricians can either be master or journeyman electrician.

Master electricians have passed a standardized test. They also have at least two years of experience.


Get your family or friends’ referrals. Working with someone they’ve worked with before makes it easier to know how well they work. Most of the time, these people deliver great results as they’re referred by the people you trust.

It’s also best to read reviews online.


The longer they’ve been doing the job, the better. Those who have a longer experience tend to know more. It’s also likely that they have dealt with the same case as yours.


Working with electricity can be a risky job. That’s why the electrician or the company you work with should have insurance. This can save both you and the workers you hire some trouble if any untoward incidents happen.


While you shouldn’t cut costs with an electrician, still work within your budget. Know if you can get a free quote and get one from a few different people. Check which one offers you the best deal.

Hiring a Petaluma Electrician

Hiring a Petaluma electrician shouldn’t be hard. But it’s best if you take a meticulous approach when it comes to finding one.

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