Electrical installation or repair work will not go on well without the right tools. Since basic electric work tools have undergone many improvements, there newer more specialized tools for various tasks. The list of tools that Santa Rosa electricians cannot do without has become longer.

Specialized Tools For Electrical Work

That said, there is a shorter list of the most essential tools regardless of the work at hand. Here is the list of the most essential tools.

electrician toolsPliers

There are two types: the side cutting pliers and the long-nosed type. Electricians prefer the Klein brand. There are other different brands as well. Electricians need this tool to help them twist wires. Sometimes they are also used to cut electric wires. An electrician needs different sizes to suit different needs.

Screw and Nut Drivers

Santa Rosa electricians need different types of screw and nut driver for various applications. Electricians who prefer one screwdriver that can adapt to various uses, the Klein 10 to 1 is adjustable. Each of the accompanying bits fits well into the shaft, which also comes with comfortable handle.

Wire Strippers

Under this category, you will find different types of stripers. The strippers are used to strip off wire insulation in order to reach the copper wire underneath. Stripers make work flow really smoothly. The best type are those that come with a spring mechanism. Most come with a10-32 or 6-32 slots for easy removal of insulation.

Tape Measure

Each electrician needs a tape measure. They come in different designs depending on individual taste. Some, such as the fat type, do not buckle over long distances. Other come with a magnet strip to allow them to hook onto the starting end. Whichever you prefer, ensure it is bright in color so that you can find it easily.

Measuring Devices

Measuring devices include the Voltmeter and tester. They come in various designs including simple pen like styles. Electricians use this to measure voltages while working. With the improvement in technology, more designs that are sophisticated are coming up, like the clamping type that has leads.

Final Word

Whether you are an apprentice or a skilled Santa Rosa electrician, you will want to own a set of tools to help you do your job. The tools we have listed are the ones you will need for the most basic job.