When it comes to Choosing the Right Light Bulb for your fixture, room, or space, you better go to the store prepared. Lighting technology has changed a lot recently, and if you haven’t kept up, you might be in the dark. Luckily, Mister Sparky of the Bay Area is here to help! Check out our experienced advice on what goes into purchasing the perfect light bulb for your needs. 

Light Bulb Shape and Size

When going to the hardware store to buy replacement bulbs, take a picture of the old bulb or bring it with you to compare. Look at the other lights in the room as well and try to match the shape and size of the bulb. Light bulbs come in many different sizes, and their bases can be different too. It’s important that you match the base to your fixture or else you’ll be going back to the store. 

Level of Brightness

Don’t base your choice on wattage alone. On a box of light bulbs you might also see the word “lumens.” Lumens is how brightness is measured. The higher the lumens number the brighter the bulb will be. Don’t confuse this with watts. Watts is how energy consumption is measured. 

If you bring an old incandescent bulb to the store and hope to replace it with one with the same wattage, then you’re going to be in trouble. Incandescent bulbs are obsolete, and no one sells them anymore. You may find an LED light that is the same size and shape as your bulb. But instead of it being 60w, it’s 9w. LED lights can create just as bright of a light by using less energy. 

Color of Light

Not only do you have a choice in size and brightness when it comes to Choosing the Right Light Bulb, you can also consider the color of light you want. The light color or temperature of a light bulb is measured on the Kelvin Scale. Light color ranges in a spectrum from 2700K, which is a warm yellow white, to 6500k, which is bright blue daylight. Cool white light is in between the two, measuring around 3500 to 4100K.  

Think about what rooms you want to put these light bulbs in. Rooms where you need to pay attention to details such as bathrooms and kitchens would benefit from bright blue daylight. Rooms that are cozy such as living rooms and bedrooms would probably look better in a warmer yellow light.  When adding new light fixtures to a room, be aware of the brightness and color of your current lighting arrangements. Try to keep a consistent color around the entire room. 

Inside or Outside

Indoor and outdoor lighting applications are different and can change the appearance of your space if you do not plan accordingly. For example, when installing light bulbs on your front porch, you don’t want bright daylight bulbs. They attract bugs and they don’t cast your house in the right light. Instead, keep bright light bulbs indoors. They will match natural light during the day, and keep everything crisp when the sun goes down. 

Budget & Environmental Impact

Upgrading your light bulbs is an easy fix that can save you big money. Since new light bulbs use less energy, you’ll notice a lower electric bill. And it’s not just LED light bulbs; there are many different kinds of light bulbs that can help you save on your energy usage.

Being energy efficient isn’t just good for your wallet; it’s good for the Earth. Nowadays, there are even more ways to save energy than just switching out your light bulbs. Smart Bulbs can be controlled with a smartphone or a virtual assistant. Newer light bulbs tend to last longer, meaning you’ll replace them less. Make sure to check with your garbage collection service to see if they’ll collect old light bulbs, and if they don’t, be sure to find a way to dispose of them properly. 

Mister Sparky Is Here to Service Your Lighting Needs

Now that you know about all the factors to consider when buying the right light bulbs, you’re now ready to buy in confidence and choose the right light bulb for each area of your home. You can always trust Mister Sparky of the Bay Area for all of your lighting services.