Your home’s electrical system is one of its most important components: keeping you connected to the modern world at all times and providing all manner of comforts for you and your family. When something goes wrong, you want a top-notch service to address the issue. Electricity is nothing to toy with and the wrong contractor can often do more harm than good. For electrical repairs in Santa Rosa, you don’t have to rely on random guessing to find the right fit. Here are some things to look for in a professional electrician.

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  • Credentials. A good electrical service doesn’t need to rely on empty slogans and rhetoric. Look for companies affiliated with outside organizations that can testify to their integrity, particularly the Better Business Bureau, which is a standby for reliable recommendations. You should also look for positive notices on pertinent websites, as well as the electrical company’s own.
  • Longevity. A new company just starting out isn’t necessarily something to fear. Every company started out somewhere, and if they’re genuinely interested in your business, they’ll make sure they impress you. But companies that have been in business for a while – at least a decade or so – have a proven track record you can rely on and a record of success that can put your concerns at ease.
  • Service. A fly-by-night company will balk at certain additional services, such as 24-hour emergency services or free estimates made before repairs begin. Smart companies know that such assurances build trust with a customer base, letting you know that we’ll be there for you no matter what the circumstances.

Here at Mister Sparky, we like to think we embody all the things you look for in a professional electrician. We’re accredited by the BBB, we’ve been in operation for over 20 years, and we pride ourselves on the extent and quality of our service.