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Whole House Surge Protection Service in Santa Rosa, CA

Most homeowners are familiar with the concept of surge protection. When too much voltage comes through a circuit, the resulting power surge can cause damage to any electrical devices running on that circuit as well as disrupting their operation. Most people use power strips with surge protection to protect their computers, televisions and other electronics from this risk. However, for electrical systems requiring much higher levels of electricity, such as air conditioning and heating systems, greater protection is always a good idea. Contact the Santa Rosa surge protection professionals at Mister Sparky to discuss your whole–house surge protection options.

The Santa Rosa, CA electricians at Mister Sparky offer quality residential electrical services throughout the Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Solano counties.

Why Consider Using Whole–house Surge Protection?

While power strips may help to protect some of your electronics for power surges, not all are of high quality. Most homeowners tend to view power strips as a convenient way to add more outlet space to their homes, with the surge protection benefit being an added bonus. Do not mistake an extension cord for an adequate surge protector.

In the event of a lightning strike on a utility pole or other serious electrical issues, it is possible for excess voltage to flow into your electrical system. If the electrical panel is overloaded, this voltage may bypass it, making its way into your home and burning out electrical appliances, motherboards and GFCI outlets. To prevent such problems, nothing beats a whole–house surge protection system. Big electrical surges can come into your home in a variety of ways, including telephone and cable lines, so it is best to be prepared. Call Mister Sparky today for more information about whole–house surge protection in Santa Rosa, CA.

We Offer Whole–house Surge Protection Installation

While you can certainly take care of plugging surge protector power strips into your outlet, a whole–house surge protection installation must be installed by a qualified Santa Rosa surge protection professional. The suppressor will usually be hard wired directly into you service panel, demanding the skill and expertise of a licensed electrician. It is important to remember that this suppressor will not be able to stop power surges from making their way into your home completely. In order to get the most protection possible, it is always advisable to schedule a professional whole–house surge protection installation and to pair that system with point–of–use surge protectors. If you have any questions about the whole–house surge protection installation process, give Mister Sparky a call.

Call Mister Sparky to Schedule Whole–house Surge Protection Service in Santa Rosa, CA

Do not put your electronics, appliances, or electrical system at risk. Contact Santa Rosa whole–house surge protection experts at Mister Sparky today to discuss an installation for your home. Our professional, licensed technicians will help you keep your home and electrical devices safe from the effects of power surges. Schedule service today!