The place where most of the appliances in your home connect to the electrical power system is through wall outlets. Sometimes these outlets need to be replaced when they develop faults; this is especially common for older outlets that lack the three-prong grounding or which cannot handle the electrical load of modern equipment.

Replacing faulty outlets is important not only to restore their voltage flow, but to prevent them from becoming fire hazards. Bad electrical wiring in an outlet can trigger fires, and if you notice charring on an outlet, you need to have electricians come to change the outlet as soon as possible. Not only will electricians change the outlet, they will update it if possible to a safety GFCI outlet to protect you from electrical shocks.

You can find DIY outlet replacement guides online, but please let professionals handle this for your safety and to make sure the outlet works correctly. This is crucial when dealing with updating to a more powerful outlet.

Mister Sparky is a trusted name in electrical repair in Santa Rosa, CA. Here are the stages we go through when replacing a defective outlet in a home.

  • We shut off the power to the circuit of the outlet that needs replacement.
  • Next, we remove the cover place and keep a diagram of the wiring so we make sure everything goes back into the right place.
  • The electrical box holding the two outlets in place then comes off.
  • This is where the more difficult work starts. We identify the different wires and label them. There can be many wires connected, far more than just “hot” and “neutral.” It’s important these are kept straight, such as the ones that run to the GFCI receptacle.
  • We then detach the wires from the outlet and bring in the replacement outlet. The wires are attached carefully.
  • Before securing the new outlet back into place and putting the cover over it, we check for any damaged wires or exposure through insulation.
  • The cover goes back on, power is restored, and we test the circuit to make sure it is operating and presents no safety hazard.

We must emphasize that the above isn’t a DIY guide, but an example of how professionals go about the job of replacing a defective outlet. Don’t risk creating a potential safety issue because of exposed wires or incorrect connections. Even if you don’t start a fire, you could trigger a surge that will trip circuit breakers. Avoid all these potential problems with a call to a qualified and licensed electrician.

Mister Sparky promises to deliver you superb electrical repair in Santa Rosa, CA—on time, or the job is free! Call us today to set up an appointment.