Your electrical system is one of the most important components of your home, but also one of the most potentially dangerous. We need reliable electricity to power our lights, our appliances and the various devices that keep us connected to the modern world. When the wiring runs into problems, it will prevent all of that from happening, and in the worst cases can constitute a fire hazard. Electrical repairs in Napa and other Northern California towns can be conducted by trained electricians, but first you need to spot the signs you have wiring that needs electrical repair service.

The biggest sign is if your circuit breaker keeps tripping. The circuit breakers are designed to automatically cut off power in the event of an overload. This prevents further damage to the system and keeps your home safe. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, no matter how many appliances you unplug, you may be looking at damage within the system itself.

Similarly, flickering lights are often a sign of trouble. Flickering lights are usually caused by frayed wires – old or damaged by vermin – which provide intermittent power at best. In particular, if your lights flicker during windy days or when it rains, you might be looking at serious frayed wiring.

Other signs can include trouble at the outlets themselves. For example, if the contacts are worn or loose, your plugs might slip out of the outlet. Or (less overtly) the wires connected the outlet to the rest of the system, may be “backstabbed” or come loose when they suffer a little jolt. In both cases, a good electrician can fix the problem at minimal cost, help restore safety and functionality to the outlet.

Do take care that it’s a trained electrician you use, however. Electrical wiring takes formal training to handle properly, and without the skills and experience to do the job right, you may end up causing more damage than you fix. For electrical repairs in Napa, give the good folks at Mister Sparky a call. We’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction, and if you’re in need of reliable repairs, we’re your first, best option. Contact us today to make an appointment!