All parts of the electrical system in your home are important, but outlets have a special place: they are how you access the power flowing into the home and through the walls so you can run appliances. Should your outlets start to malfunction, it will make basic tasks more difficult. Worse, it may indicate more serious trouble in your electrical system that will require repair or replacement work from professional electricians.

When you suspect that you have bad outlets in your home, contact Mister Sparky in Santa Rosa, CA for electrical services to handle the trouble. Whether you need repairs or replacements, we will be there to help—and on time, or the work is free!

Some Warning Signs of Bad Outlets

  • Sparking: An occasional spark of blue electricity when you plug an appliance into an outlet isn’t anything to raise concern; this is simply the beginning of the flow of electrons. However, if this occurs frequently with an outlet, it may indicate a short, and this will need an electrician’s attention before it turns into a fire hazard.
  • Charred or discolored outlets: If you notice what looks like charring across an outlet, or if the outlet has developed a darker discoloration, call for professional repairs immediately. Both of these are indications that an electrical fire has occurred behind the outlet, possibly because of faulty wiring or a loss of insulation around a wire.
  • Outlets trip circuit breakers: When you plug an appliance into a wall socket, and it trips a circuit breaker, the issue may be with the appliance… but it might also come from problems within the outlet itself. If more than one appliance plugged into the same outlet causes a tripped breaker, you should have an electrician look into the situation.
  • Outlets feel warm to touch: Should you detect that an outlet is hotter than it normally is, the wiring inside it is faulty and at risk of creating an electrical fire. Call for an electrician right away.

When a licensed electrician comes to look at your malfunctioning outlets, he or she may advise upgrading to newer outlets, such as GFCI models, or possibly upgrades to the electrical system in general. It’s an electrician’s job to make sure that your home’s electrical system both works correctly and keeps your family safe, so pay close attention to any advice you receive.

The team of electricians at Mister Sparky is highly-trained for whatever electrical services in Santa Rosa, CA you may need. Make us your first call when you think your outlets require the attention of a professional.