If you live in an older house, you probably have out-of-date wiring and may not realize it. You might not discover the truth until your electrical power fails because of the higher demands of a contemporary electrical appliance. Your wiring can be up-to-code (standard for homes built after 1940) but still present you with troubles that will require either replacing wires or bringing in skilled electrical repair technician in Santa Rosa, CA.

Re-wiring and wiring repair are not “do-it-yourself” tasks, especially when it comes to older wiring. A danger of high voltage shock is always present, or incorrect wiring that can lead to triggering electrical fires. You need top quality electricians for this job, so make the call to Mister Sparky. We are ready 24-hours a day to assist you should you need electrical repairs for an emergency.

What might go wrong with old wiring

Being up to code doesn’t mean wiring won’t suffer from troubles. With older wiring you may have trouble with insufficient grounding, and outlets that are not grounded (the third hole on the outlet) or polarized (slots of different sizes), both of which can create dangers from electrical shocks.

Old wiring can lead to frequent short circuits when you plug in new equipment, since the wires were simply not designed to hold the electrical capacity needed to run such devices. The electrical meter can also develop trouble from poor wiring.

Electrical fires are always a possibility with older wiring, especially if you have a pre-1940s home. If you are experiencing repeated blown fuses, or you detect warm spots on your walls, you need to call for repairs or full re-wiring right away.

Repairs and replacements

In the case of homes that are up-to-code, you may only need to have an electrician perform targeted repairs to damaged wires to make sure that your home’s system will work effectively and without triggering blown circuits. Often this will involve adding new outlets for grounding and polarity. A professional electrician will make sure that all repairs will keep you up-to-code.

But sometimes a whole house rewire offers the only solution. In this case, you’ll not only receive a house that can handle the power demands you put on it and remain safe, you’ll also receive added value to your home. Call up experts in electrical repair in Santa Rosa, CA to find out how you can go about getting a whole-house rewire done. If you hire skilled technicians, you can rest easy about keeping your house up-to-code.

Mister Sparky is a trusted name in electrical services. Make us your first call for repairs or replacements for old wiring.