You may not currently have any trouble with the lights in your home, but professional lighting services can still improve the look of your home, your energy spending, and even your home security. Here at Mister Sparky, electrical services and lighting are our specialties, and we want to help you make sure your new home is as visually stunning, safe, and efficient as you need. We’ve made this list of a few reasons you may choose to call a professional for lighting services even though you may not have considered it before.

  • Security Lighting: One of the first steps to take in securing your home is installing security lighting as part of your outdoor lighting. Security lights can deter a potential burglar from entering your home. When you add motion sensors outside of the house, intruders can be visible from several yards away as soon they step foot on the property, potentially causing them to become frightened and flee.
  • Art Lighting: You put a lot of thought into the décor of your home. Why waste it on a subpar lighting design? The lights in your house are there for practical purposes, but they can also do wonders for the visual appeal of the indoors. If you’ve invested money into valuable pieces of art, or if you simply want to accentuate the vibrant colors your art pieces add to a room, consider illuminating them with professional art lighting installation.
  • Landscape Lighting: Similarly, you may take a lot of pride in your outdoor landscaping, but it may not be entirely visible during the darker hours. Landscape lighting brightens up the landscaping you’ve put so much work into and provides lighted walkways or stone walls for safety.
  • Greater Control over Your Lighting: You should also consider asking a technician how you can gain more control over your lights and energy usage with a home lighting control system. This may include timers, motion sensors, automated features and more that can help you to save money every month and make life a bit easier.

Call Mister Sparky and schedule professional lighting services in Santa Rosa with our qualified, trained electricians.