More and more people are looking at entertainment systems as the centerpiece of their households: a way to watch television, screen DVDs and movies, and play video games all in one centralized locale. Entertainment systems usually use multiple components, hooked into a central stereo system or router to let you shift between them easily. Naturally, every entertainment system is unique, but every entertainment system has power needs that you should address before setting up yours. Without properly balancing the power load, you run the risk of triggering the circuit breakers and shutting off power right when you fire up your entertainment center for the first time. In Santa Rosa, electrical installation services can provide specified advice, but here’s a few general tips to help you out.

In the first case, you should invest in a surge protector and/or power strip with enough outlets to power all of your components. This will protect them from damage in case of a surge and allow you to better organize them when assembling your system.  You may also want to divide your components between different power outlets so as not to overload any one of them. If you’re using a flat-screen HD TV – and most entertainment systems do – then it’s going to use the bulk of the system’s power. Depending upon your needs, you may wish to use a separate outlet to power it, so as to avoid a potential overload. Similarly, if you have remote components such as the subwoofer that require power but are distant from the remainder of the system, consider using a separate power source for it.

Whatever your power needs for your entertainment system, it pays to use a trained electrician handle it for you. He or she can make sure your power load is evenly balanced, in addition to running wires through walls and similar steps to make your entertainment system shine. In Santa Rosa, electrical installations of all types can be performed by the experts at Mister Sparky. Our trained service technicians are standing by to help you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!