Motion sensor lights are a nice security and safety feature for your home. They’re also a great way to save energy on outdoor lighting. But if your Motion Sensor Light Won’t Turn Off, then you’re losing potential energy savings and probably driving your neighbors nuts. Security lights that won’t turn off are a common problem, and there are a couple of ways to fix it.

Mister Sparky, the Bay Area’s trusted electrical company, has tips for how to fix your motion sensor lights. Call us today to learn how motion sensor lighting can save on energy and protect your family or for more information on exterior or landscape lighting options.

Benefits of Motion Sensor Lighting

Security lighting such as motion sensor lights are great for a number of reasons. Most people invest in security lights to prevent intruders. Thieves tend to break into homes when it’s dark so they can’t be seen. With motion sensor lights, intruders approaching your house will think they’ve been spotted when they see lights turn on.

Many people also use motion sensor lights for landscape lighting and personal safety reasons. If you live on a dark street or have a long driveway, lights are an ideal way to help guide you to your home and prevent slips and falls in dark areas. When looking for places to install motion sensor lights, the best plan is to cover all approaches to your house, including fence gates, back doors, garages, and in darker areas of your yard.

How Motion Sensor Lights Work

Motion detectors are small electronic eyes that detect infrared waves, or heat from moving objects. When a detector senses an object moving across its field of view, it turns on. Warmer objects such as people, animals, cars, and even the wind can set off motion sensor lights. Nuisance “trips” occur when things fool the detector and activate the motion-sensing lights.

You can solve most of these issues by adjusting the distance range setting and carefully aiming the sensor to limit its field of view. You can limit the field of view even more by applying tape over part of the sensor that you want to keep out of the detection area.

Why Won’t My Motion Sensor Light Turn Off?

Motion sensor lights are pretty reliable. But even when properly installed, they can have problems. A common issue is when motion sensor lights won’t turn off, and there are a couple of ways to address this issue. 

First, see if anything in the line of sight of your motion sensor light has changed. For example, if you had a tree grow in front of your motion sensor, its new branches could be setting it off. The same thing goes for new plants or lawn decorations that you’ve moved.

If this is not the case, then the best fix is to reset the light. Turn off the circuit breaker that controls your motion sensor lights. Leave it off for 30 seconds, and confirm that the light is off. Then turn the breaker back on. If this doesn’t work, find the manual for your motion sensor light. Certain models of motion sensor lights need to be disconnected from power for up to an hour in order to be properly reset. 

Call Mister Sparky for Security Lighting Replacement in Santa Rosa

If you’ve reset your motion sensor lights and you are still experiencing problems, then it’s best to let the professional electricians at Mister Sparky fix it. Mister Sparky offers security lighting replacement services to our customers in the Santa Rosa area.

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