There are different types of lighting techniques for different kinds of rooms. According to function, space and placement, each of the rooms exude a distinct kind of personality when it comes to lighting.

As from expert electricians in Santa Rosa CA, if your bedrooms can be bright and sunny, or can be dimmed the way you need them, the kitchen and bathroom areas require a different approach. The kitchen is considered as the busiest room, while the bathroom must epitomize relaxation. 

Layer it up 

When you can think of ways on how to improve lighting methods, learn that the best lighting doesn’t come from a single type of light source and placement.

First, there is Ambient lighting, where the light source is enough to light up the whole room in a general way. This is the type of lighting you can do if you if you’re into overall functionality, without looking much into aesthetics.

Task lighting is another light system that is given to the most functional parts of the room. The vanity, the sink, and the shower area. It’s illuminating the space through a brighter light to make it conducive for tasks.

Accent lighting, on the other hand gives depth and brings out the aesthetics. Here, you can lit up pieces of art and luxury to highlight their decorative purpose.

Keep bathroom lighting awake

The bathroom must be at all times, an ‘awake’ room. It’s the first room you go once you wake up and get ready for a big day. It’s also where fun in vanity happens. 

But you must also know it’s not just a room of functionality. A well-lit bathroom exudes a certain comfort and feel you’ll never find elsewhere in the house. It’s safest to keep the lighting bright and clean at all times.

However, most may find a dimly-lit bathroom the best lighting system for it makes a hot bath after a long day at work more comforting. If bathroom lighting needs a little personality, make sure to add accent or ambient lighting to set different moods. Just keep in mind to follow task lighting principles by putting the brightest lights where it’s needed.

Accentuate design pieces in the bath

The bathroom mirror, to all the ladies’ delight, is one of the room’s assets, and therefore must be accented. To improve the design of your bathroom, remember to put light at both sides of the mirrors.

Not only it is for aesthetics, but also it is needed for better functionality. The vanity mirror must be illuminated enough and be kept clean and bright. Dull and dimmed lighting will lose the mirror’s ultimate purpose.

If the space is limited, you can try overhead lighting instead. Thought the side lighting is more favorable to keep the shadows from messing with your reflection, lights from overhead can brighten the mirror enough to illuminate your face.

Cast the vanity shadows away

Task lighting should also make the shadows go away, especially at the vanity. Though you can always lit up the each side of the mirror with sconces, or place a bright light overhead, there’s always the trick in their placements.

Lighting up the each side is recommended to avoid making shadow in the vanity. The best placement should be at eye level. As much as possible, avoid placing overhead spotlight or pendant light in front of the mirror. This just won’t do in the functionality level. 

If you still wanted to do overhead lighting, make sure that the light source is placed closely at the mirror, or directly attached to it. Hanging light sources placed farther away from the mirror would create shadows you’ll hate.

Highlight the busiest areas in the kitchen

Task lighting on certain areas like the kitchen island is recommended in kitchen lighting. Opt for a low-hanging pendant light or any kind of suspension lighting to illuminate your island’s workspace better. 

It also helps if you open up your kitchen to daylight. A bright and sunny kitchen that’s illuminated by daylight makes for the best day lighting there is. At night, make sure it’s also well illuminated through proper task and accent lighting.

Eyes on the ceiling

Ambient lighting is crucial to this part of the house. As it is the busiest, more lighting sources will be needed to keep its functionality in tact.

Place ambient lighting on a perfect measurement in the ceiling as an aid to all the accent and task lighting you’ve installed. Remember when doing lighting fixtures, ask the help from an electrician to best know the measurements and placement of each light source.

Watch the watts

As much as lighting layers make for the best bathroom and kitchen lighting solutions, you should mind the bills you’re going to pay after they are installed. Purchase cheaper LED lights for task lighting and for ambient lighting. 

Electricians would recommend you to multiply the measurement (in square feet) of the countertop by 2.5. This will help you to know the watts you’ll need for incandescent lights.

There’s a lot to lighting than aesthetics and it’s important that light fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen must be installed properly. These rooms are the wettest areas in the house, which makes it a lot more dangerous when it comes to inner electrical workings.

As follows, electricians always know best. If you’re around Santa Roca, CA, expert electricians we have at Mister Sparky are willing to help out and recommend you the best lighting solutions. Schedule an appointment with us today!