The circuit breaker panel in your home performs the essential safety function of preventing fires and other damage from occurring should too much current begins to flow through the wiring in your home. Without this panel, the simplest wiring troubles could cause electrical fires or inflict damage to appliances around your home.

You should only encounter tripped circuit breakers on occasion, and usually you will recognize the cause. For example, plugging in a new, powerful appliance or overloading an outlet with plugs might trip a breaker. Storms and fallen power lines can also cause circuit breakers to trip. But if breakers begin to trip on a routine basis, and the cause isn’t obvious, something could be wrong with the electrical system in your house.

We provide the list of reasons that this might happen below as a guideline only. You should not attempt to diagnose the issue yourself, since this could cause a high voltage shock or trigger an electrical fire. Stay safe and call Mister Sparky for a trained electrician in Santa Rosa, CA to detect the problem and fix it.

1. Multiple surges

Power surges do come only from catastrophic events such as lightning strikes and downed power lines. Small surges can occur regularly because appliances in your home are making large demands on the power, which sends a small surge through the lines. These surges can cause cumulative damage to appliances, and will start to trip circuit breakers. An electrician might advise that you install a whole-house surge protector to help with this problem.

2. An aging, worn electrical panel

The issue may reside in the circuit breaker panel itself. These panels will not last forever, and when they become too old they will start to become faulty, resulting in breakers that trip for very little reason. Bad wiring and failing circuit breakers in the panel can become hazardous, so have an electrician look over the panel to see if it should receive a replacement.

3. Old and outdated wiring

The power demands we put on our electrical systems are far higher than they were 20 years ago. If your home was built before 1980, it probably has outdated copper wiring that is insufficient for the power you use. Laptops, desktops, multiple charging stations, large entertainment systems, and more powerful air conditioners and heaters will all strain this old wiring to its limits, resulting in tripped circuit breakers. You may need to invest in whole-home rewiring to keep your electrical system safe.

Whatever the solution to your problem with circuit breakers that are constantly tripping, you can trust to an electrician from Mister Sparky to find it. We employ fully-licensed electricians in Santa Rosa, CA and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work.