Often times electrical problems can be chalked up to appliance failure. Lights go out because the light bulb is dead. Computers may have a faulty power source, etc. In some cases, however, the appliance may actually be perfectly fine. If you have problems with multiple appliances at once, or recurring issues with a specific outlet, you should check your electrical panel.


The very last thing you want is for moisture to get into your electrical panel. If you notice water pooling or leaking onto your panel, don’t touch it! Call your electrician and wait for him or her to take care of it for you. You can also identify moisture problems if there is any rust on the casing. There may also be corrosion on the wires themselves.

Voltage Inconsistencies

As mentioned above, this could just be a problem with the appliance itself. If it happens to several different appliances, though, it’s likely the electrical panel. Check this by unplugging the appliances that are experiencing issues and plugging them into a different outlet. Are they still experiencing the same problems? If not, you likely have an electrical issue. If one or two of the appliances still do, it may not be the electrical panel. Either way, it’s a good idea to have your electrical panel checked.

Bad Wiring and Other Installation Problems

These are issues that are a bit more difficult to diagnose without expert knowledge. Electrical work is a precise craft, and when done poorly it can pose a great deal of risk. If you keep tripping breakers in your home without having a lot of appliances operating simultaneously, it is possible that the panel is faulty. The breaker should really only be activating when the system has dangerous amounts of power running through it. If you check your electrical panel and it is unusually hot, or even sparking, call a professional immediately. It would take some sort of major failure to provoke this kind of symptom, in which case it is far beyond your ability to fix.

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