home entertainment system wiringTV manufacturers are currently focusing on improving the appearance of their products. This has been done using bezels, shiny chrome or anything else that will add pzazz has been added. Manufactures of DVRs, receivers and set-top boxes are focusing on looks to functionality. Why? No one really likes to see codes running around in the house, so they want to minimize the amount of home entertainment system wiring. If you still have wires running around, here is what you can do.

Get a Wireless System

Home entertainment system wiring can be very annoying. For one it clutters your entertainment room. Nevertheless, you can opt to go wireless. Look for wireless surround speakers, which can transmit signals to your speaker without a physical connection. If you love blue ray, there are wireless DVDO that work without a cable.

Hide Home Entertainment System Wiring with Rugs or Carpets

If you have rugs at home, you can use them to hide all that clutter. Simply pass all that wire underneath your rug them connect the wire to the speakers via a cable management apparatus.

Consider Concealing Equipment

If you do not own a rug or carpet, you could consider concealing products such as e.Tailers such as cable organizer or Monoprice. Alternative options that you can easily find at local store include raceways or mouldings.

Minor Surgical Procedure

If there is a basement below your entertainment room, you can use basement rafters to manage all that clutter. However, you will need to do some drilling and measuring. The outcome is often very clean entertainment with no wires running around.

Wrap Up

Home entertainment system wiring can cause your entertainment room to look cluttered. However, you can easily solve this with the methods we have listed. They are not a solution to each of your wiring problem, but they are common DIY techniques of dealing with wiring clutter.

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