dimmer switch installationAdjustable overhead lighting is a great feature for any home. It makes any room more comfortable and, if you plan on ever selling your home, this will increase its value.

Installation of Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switch installation is no more difficult than putting in a single-pole switch. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Flip off the circuit breaker.

Try flipping the light switch on and off to make sure that the electricity has really been turned off. After you remove the switch plate, use a voltage tester to check if the wires in the box are charged.

  1. Disassemble the existing switch.

With a flathead screw, take out the switch cover. Next, detach the switch from the box using a Philips head screw.

  1. Take out the old wiring.

Loosen and disconnect the wiring from the switch using a screwdriver and needle nose pliers. If there is a grounding wire, it should be the last one you remove. Take note of the wire colors and connections on the old switch.

  1. Install the dimmer switch.

Attach the wires to the dimmer switch in the same way they were attached to the old switch. Make sure the wires are securely fitted under the screw then tighten the screw to secure the switch.

  1. Reassemble the switch.

When all the wires have been connected to the dimmer switch, fold any excess wire and gently place the switch inside the box. Screw the switch onto the box. Reattach the switch plate. Flip on the circuit breaker and test your dimmer switch.