replacement circuit breakerIs your circuit breaker in need of changing? Make sure that you find the right replacement circuit breaker. Finding the right circuit breaker is important.

The wrong one can create all sorts of problems. From short circuits to potentially creating fire. It may also break appliance and electrical devices.

Types of Circuit Breakers

There are different types of replacement circuit breakers. There are those meant for commercial use as well as for residential ones.

When it comes to home-use, there are three different kinds:

  • Standard circuit breakers – The most common type of all. It can be found in almost every home.
  • GFCI circuit breakers – These breakers will cut power in the event of an overload or short circuit.
  • AFCI circuit breakers -These will cut power if it senses an abnormal path or surge of power.

Each one is important and often required in various parts of the house.

Finding the Right Replacement Circuit Breaker

For the best results, it’s best that you use the same breaker. Make sure it’s the same brand, the same model, and the same size. Don’t follow advertisements that say they are compatible with any panels.

You can also hire a professional electrician to replace the breaker itself. If you’re still having trouble finding the right model, you can also ask the brand of your current breaker.

But there is one common change when it comes to replacement circuit breakers. You normally have to replace your standard circuit breaker with a GFCI or AFCI type. This is to guarantee more safety at home.