trusted electrician in San Rafael, CAFlickering lights? Smells like something is burning? These are more like signs of an electrical problem more than ghosts. For this, finding an electrician in San Rafael, CA is vital.

Tips in Finding an Electrician

Finding an electrician is easy. You only need to open your directory or search the internet. But what’s challenging is finding a reliable one.

Below are things you should consider to find the one you can trust:

Check Credentials

Firstly, check their credentials. Reliable electricians have a license. This is given by the state and signifies their mastery in the field. If you can find a master electrician in your area, the better.


Experience can help an electrician grow into a better one. The years they have on the field has allowed them to learn many things. They know how to solve more complicated problems and other tricks.

Also, the longer they’ve been around, the more people trust them.


A person or company’s reputation can help you make a decision. Reputable electricians are trusted by people in your place. They have positive reviews and are referred by many.

It’s best to ask your family and friends for a referral. It’s also better to find an electrician locally.


If a company or individual asks for money upfront, be suspicious. There are lots of scams wherein a person asks for money as downpayment. Once they get the money, they don’t return. A reliable electrician in San Rafael, CA will only ask for payment when services are rendered.

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