Recessed Lighting InstallationInstalling Recessed Lighting

Lighting can instantly change the mood and look of a room and home. Recessed lighting can be a great option for your home as it will go with almost every type of room or décor. If you are thinking about installing recessed lighting, but are reluctant because of your budget, you can certainly install recessed lighting like a professional.

Planning ahead and consulting with an electrician.  

Begin by measuring your room and sketch in the furniture arrangement and all features you’d like to highlight. Purchase your fixtures and make sure to consult with an electrician to make sure you do not need to obtain a permit.

Find a suitable circuit.

First, find an existing switch box that contains a “hot” wire on a circuit. This circuit should not be a dedicated circuit meant for a specific appliance. Replace the existing electrical box with a new one that is able to hold all of the wires.

Run the cables.

Start by using a stud finder to locate the ceiling framing to determine which direction they run. They are typically spaced 16 in. or 24 in. on center. Sketch the joist locations onto your lighting plan and draw in the cable routes.

Install the hardware.

After running the cables, make final connections at the lights, switch and receptacle and install the housings into the ceiling. Replace any ceiling drywall and patch up the ceiling after an electrical inspector has approved the work. Finally, paint the ceiling and install the recessed lighting lamps.

These steps are an easy way you can save on installation cost and perform a recessed lighting installation like a pro.