In Santa Rosa, CA, lighting services can take advantage of our warm nights and pleasant Northern California atmosphere. Our town was made for magic hour, when the sun fades to a warm glow and the stars come out one by one while we enjoy the evening. That makes a big difference when it comes time to consider upgrades or improvements in your home’s lighting system. Lighting makes an excellent home improvement project, because it’s relatively inexpensive and yet can have a huge impact on the way your property looks and feels when the sun goes down. Here’s how professionally installed lighting can change your property.

In the first place, it automatically makes your yard a more enticing place to be. Proper lighting allows you to see more readily, letting you plan for an evening barbeque or cozy night on the patio without feeling constrained by the lack of sunlight. Even more than that, it can make you want to spend more time outdoors, since you won’t be turned off by poor lighting or a generally uninviting atmosphere.

Going hand-in-hand with that is a general improvement in your home’s overall value. The exterior is the first thing a potential buyer will see, and a dark or gloomy yard might not convince someone to buy. A well-lit yard with a lot of atmosphere presents an inviting front, and could add a great deal to your selling price in the bargain.

Beyond that, a good lighting system can enable the construction of auxiliary buildings such as garages, tool sheds and guest houses. Not only can new lighting ensure that they are properly lit, but can help guide you to and from the new building and your main house without running the risk of bumping into anything.

If you live in Santa Rosa, CA, lighting services can spell the difference between enjoying our balmy summer nights and ignoring what could be the most beautiful time of the day. Contact the Santa Rosa, CA electrical specialists at Mister Sparky to learn how professionally installed lighting can change your property. We pride ourselves on your complete satisfaction and our technicians can discuss all of your possible options with you. Call us today for an appointment.