Faulty electrical wiring or inadequate wiring for your home is a safety hazard. Many people choose to call an electrician for whole-home rewiring because they simply cannot risk the danger associated with their older wiring. Consider this: when your home was built, many of the appliances you use today were not even in existence yet. Older wiring systems cannot accommodate some of the gadgets we rely on today, and if you’re adding onto your home or making major renovations, some requiring a must.

After you’ve made the decision to rewire your home in the near future, there are still several considerations to take into account. Cost is the biggest factor on some homeowners’ minds, but this of course, depends on the gravity of the situation, how many rooms will need rewiring, and whether you need full or partial rewiring. The second question that electricians tend to get asked is how long the job will take.

Again, there is no simple answer to this question. However, the preliminary concern is understandable. During rewiring, your electricity is completely shut off. That means there is no air conditioning or heating, no internet access, no cooking, no lights, and no access to entertainment sources via the television. Will you be in the dark for many days? Will you have to make other arrangements?

These are probably not questions for which you can find definitive answers without first asking a trained electrician. They will likely need to do a preliminary inspection before the job begins. You should know, though, that a house rewiring will generally take several days. For an average house, it may take up to a week to complete the entire job. If you are only concerned about a couple of bedrooms, it may only be a few days.

Furthermore, if you decide to vacate the home for the duration of the rewiring, it could move a little bit faster. Electricians have to restore power every night if you stay at the home, but if you find another place to reside during the project, the process can move quickly. If you feel your home needs new wiring, don’t wait to call a professional. What’s more important than finding a fast electrician is finding a quality electrician, like the friendly folks at Mister Sparky. Call us to schedule your new house rewiring Santa Rosa, CA today.