Electrical wiring in Sonoma is one of the most important parts of your house, and it can also be dangerous if amateurs attempt to repair it. That’s why it’s important to call on experts who know what they’re doing and who can apply numerous little tricks and techniques designed to make the operation safe and effective. Nowhere is this more apparent than in how electricians run wires through walls, a seemingly simple task that can actually be quite tricky without the right training.

Here’s A Sneak Peak at How Electricians Run Wires through Walls

It starts by measuring out a route between the outlet and power box, or whichever other path the wiring needs to run in order to do its job. The technician will use a stud finder to check for wood studs that may be in the way, as well as noting the presence of plumbing pipes and other electrical cables. Ideally, the wiring needs to be run without interference of any sort. In case that’s not possible, the technician can add insulation to the wiring or perform other safety precautions.

When the time comes to run the wire, the technician will either remove the existing outlet or drill a hole for a new one. He’ll then use a flexible drill to drill holes in the studs (if necessary), and run fish tape or guide wire through the path the wiring will follow. Guide wire usually has a hook or some other means of securing the wire to it. Once he has the fish tape or guide wire through the hole, he’ll simply pull it back through the same route, pulling the wire along with it. He can then affix the wire to the circuit board on one end and the outlet on the other, and restore the outlet to its former position (or place the new outlet in the hole he created). The result is safe and effective while leaving your wiring hidden inside the walls.

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