We all know that water and electricity don’t mix together. But hot tub wiring is prevalent in the spa and sauna Hot Tub Wiringindustry.

So, how can you ensure safety for both you and your customers?

Hot Tub Wiring Guide

Safety is your priority whenever you run any kind of business. Knowing the dos and don’ts associated with hot tub wiring is essential.

Firstly, ensure that your tub is at least five feet away from any metal surfaces. It’s also important to keep other electrical devices and appliances away from it. Never use hair dryers or blowers near your tub.

Next, check your tub for a wiring diagram. This is often included in the control box. It can guide you or your electrician when it comes to proper installation.

Check your hot tub’s requirements. A 120V and 240V hot tub will have different requirements. Be sure you check yours and follow the right electrical requirements.

Hiring a Professional Electrician

Perhaps the most important thing is to always hire a professional electrician. Never attempt to do it yourself. Even when you have a general knowledge of wiring and electricity, it can be dangerous.

Ensure your professional electrician has a strong understanding of the National Electric Code. They should also have prior experience with hot tubs and spa installation.

Improper installation of your hot tub can cause severe damage. This may include shocking and grounding. In worst cases, whoever gets inside the tub may be electrocuted.

Plan your hot tub wiring and installation to avoid problems. Do so with a reliable professional.