When you’re always dreading the day you receive your monthly bills, maybe it’s time for a lifestyle change. Saving energy to reduce your electricity bills is a big step you can do to double up your savings.

Turning off lights when not in use can be a good start, but there are so many electrician-approved ways to help you lower your sky-rocketing electricity bills. In fact, some of these simple tips can be done by anyone, including kids in the house. Here are tips from electricians in Santa Rosa that you may find handy.

Don’t skip annual maintenance

Did you know that electricity consumed in heating and cooling your house covers 54% of your electric bills? Just imagine what that will do if your AC and thermostat are not well-maintained and is poorly managed.

Annual check ups and cleaning to help make the most out of these home systems will ensure that you’re using it up well. If you’re around Santa Rosa, consider hiring the best electricians in the area.

Draw curtains out

Inviting natural light to your indoors is not only rewarding to the senses, but also for your electricity consumption. If the weather is favorable, try opening the whole windows and let the breeze and sunlight in. Proper ventilation is akin to good health and lower electric bills.

Unplug appliances that are not in use

This is a no-brainer response to saving electricity bills that everyone in the household should follow. The problem now is that people don’t see the need to unplug because appliances always have that standby mode option. But are you really not consuming electricity on that?

To tell you honestly, appliances that are on standby mode still consume a significant amount of energy. Yes, it might be considered as an energy-saving option in comparison to leaving it turned on. But still, it uses and transfers electrical energy while waiting for the remote to tell them when to function. The best thing to do is to unplug them completely.

This also goes with fully charged items that are left charging, as it still use the same amount of energy.

Dump old electrical systems

If your electrical systems are outdated, they consume a lot more energy. While it is going to consume a big chunk out of your savings, switching to new and modern systems is worth the investment.

Ditch old appliances as well and opt to buy new ones. New appliances have more energy saving features that will help you consume less electricity. Most of the time, there will be government-sponsored appliance rebates program in your area– all the more reasons to switch to new appliances now.

Switch bulbs to LED

If you make it a habit to turn off lights when not in use, you can save a huge amount of energy you’ll never thought possible.

Say, for a 100-watts light bulb, you can save about $131 per year if you manage to keep using it constantly. If you however changed to LED of about 28 watts or lower, energy savings will be a lot better than you can imagine— maybe even around $100 to $200 a year!

Purchase an Energy Monitor

With a lot of modernization happening, there’s always the option of tracking your energy consumption in real time. An Energy Monitor is a handheld device which can tell you the amount of energy you are consuming, giving you an idea how to manage it wisely.

It may not be easy to look for the best one, but a seasoned electrician can help you identify the best Energy Monitor device for your home. If you’re around Santa Rosa, you’ll find the best electricians in town at Mister Sparky.

Monthly air filter change

Filters keep air from your AC clean. If not properly maintained, dust build up will make your AC work double in cooling your rooms down.

For electricians, electricity consumption relies on the use as well as proper management of appliances and electrical systems. There is no gadget for that but discipline and strict rules. Make it a habit to do the best you can. Bills will be bills but until you do something about it, it will be a monthly horror you’ll have to face.

Electricians can be a lot of help when saving electricity consumption. They’re the best ones you can turn to when seeking expert advice. If you have other concerns on electricity use, systems and maintenance, look for the best electricians around Santa Rosa here at Mister Sparky. Talk to our electricians today!