Electrical Service for Charging an Electric CarWhen people think about getting an electric car, one of the first things they want to know is how these cars are charged. It’s one of the more complicated aspects of owning an electric car, for sure. But it shouldn’t deter you from driving an electric car.

Options for Charging

Do you need any special electrical service or equipment when you’re using a plug-in electric car? Not really. These are your options for charging an electric car:

Home charging

Many plug-in electric car owners and hybrid car owners charge their vehicles at home. They drive their electric cars home, plug their cars in, and recharge overnight. Most of them install a charging station in their garage and use a standard 110-volt wall plug.

Aside from the charging station for the electric car, no other special equipment is needed. Electric cars are typically sold with charging cords with the standard three-prong plug that can be plugged into any wall socket.

Public charging stations

If you’re caught out with not much power left in your electric car, you can power up at charging stations. These can be few and far between, which is why the vast majority of electric car owners do all of their charging in their home garage. In some countries, there are curbside charging stations so you can recharge your electric car while you’re parked on the street.

Workplace charging

Next to the home garage, this is the most common place for electric car owners to power up. Many eco-conscious employers are now installing electric car charging units in their buildings so their employers can power up their cars while they work upstairs.