Most homeowners understand that they need sound wiring and reliable electrical components as a part of a safe and comfortable home. But we’re less aware of the effects that a faulty appliance can have on your electrical system. The whole purpose of your system is to provide power for computers, televisions, electric lights and countless other modern conveniences. But what happens when those conveniences themselves are the problem? If you live in Santa Rosa, an electrician can usually provide the answers before correcting the issue.

Here’s A Brief Rundown of Electrical Problems Caused by Faulty Appliances

  • Surges. A faulty electrical appliance doesn’t necessarily mean no power. It may cause an unexpected surge in electrical power, overloading the circuit. The good news is that you likely have a circuit breaker that triggers in such cases, shutting off power to the circuit and preventing further damage. The bad news is that you likely won’t be able to use that circuit for any other appliances until the faulty product is unplugged and/or replaced.
  • Burnouts. Similarly, faulty appliances can cause damage to components in your electrical system even if the circuit breakers are triggered. They often damage or destroy connectors in the outlet, for instance, or can result in components heating up.
  • Fires. In the worst cases, a faulty appliance can cause a short, which will result in a fire. This is usually rare, but depending on the state of the appliance in question, it can constitute a significant fire hazard. Always check your components for signs of damage – such as frayed wires and loose connections – that could result in a short.

If your electrical system is damaged by any electrical problems caused by faulty appliances, you need to call on a qualified professional to correct it rather than attempting to do the job yourself. The Santa Rosa electricians from Mister Sparky are standing by to help. We have the skills and experience to deal with most any electrical problem, and if a faulty appliance has caused damage to your system, we can replace or repair the damaged components with professionalism and pride. Call us today to make an appointment and let us show you what we can do!