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Many homeowners take for granted the fact that they are able to flip a switch and flood their living room with light. Reliable electrical service is one of the truly great modern luxuries that we enjoy in our homes. Every time you use your electric stove, turn on the TV, or defrost something in your microwave, you are depending on the successful operation of your electrical system. In order to ensure that the electricity powering your home is as safe and reliable as possible, it is important that your electrical panel be in great working condition. If you have any concerns about your electrical panel’s operation or condition, call Mister Sparky immediately. Our Santa Rosa area panel repair technicians have the skills and training necessary to handle any service you may need.

The Santa Rosa, CA electricians at Mister Sparky offer quality residential electrical services throughout the Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Solano counties.

What is an Electrical Panel?

When electricity comes into your home, it passes through your main electrical panel. While many older homes used to use a fuse box, modern electrical systems demand more from a service panel. That is why fuse boxes are more commonly replaced with circuit breaker panels these days. When your home was built, there were likely far fewer electronics and appliances necessary. With all the gadgets and appliances that are commonplace today, older panel models cannot accommodate the electrical demand safely.

We Offer Electrical Panel Repair Service

Because your electrical panel serves such an important function, both in relegating the distribution of electricity throughout your home and in ensuring that the flow of electricity is safe, it is extremely important that you schedule panel repair service at the first sign of trouble. One of the main functions of an electrical panel is to stop electricity from flowing through a circuit in the event of a power surge. A fuse will blow or, more commonly these days, a breaker will trip when this happens. By resetting the breaker, you allow for the flow of electricity again.

If you find that you are resetting breakers at your service panel with great frequency, there is most likely a problem that requires professional service panel repair services. While it is possible that you simply have too many devices operating off of one circuit, it is also possible that your panel is damaged or faulty. To protect the convenience in your home, as well as your safety, any problem should be assessed as soon as possible by a qualified panel repair technician. Signs of burn marks, rust, or other degradations in your panel will require service as well. Don’t take any chances. Contact Mister Sparky to schedule your electrical panel repairs in Santa Rosa, CA.

Schedule Repairs for Your Electrical Panel by contacting Mister Sparky

If you have an old, outdated fuse box or if you have frequent issues with your circuit breaker panel, contact Mister Sparky right away. Electricity is a great luxury, but you must take certain steps to ensure that it is being used safely in your home. Let our Santa Rosa, CA panel repair specialists handle any issues that you may have with your electrical panel.