Ceiling fans are one of the oldest methods to help keep a house cool: they’ve existed long before the invention of the electro-mechanical air conditioner, and their low-cost operation that helps take the pressure off an AC and helps during the winter to spread hot air evenly through a room make them invaluable for home comfort. If you don’t have ceiling fans installed in your home, you should contact electricians to handle the job. You’ll be amazed at how much even a single fan in a central location can contribute to comfort and energy savings in a home. With the many different designs currently available for ceiling fans, you can make your new fan an attractive addition to your home’s appearance.

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Electricians and Ceiling Fans

Adding a ceiling fan to a room isn’t like bringing in a standing oscillating fan and simply plugging it in. To receive the benefits and beauty of a ceiling fan, you need to have an electrician take care of the installation: it is not a good option as a “do-it-yourself” weekend project.

Although a ceiling fan uses comparatively little electrical power compared to a heating and cooling system, it still needs a good electrical connection to run properly and without running the risk of creating a short in the electrical system. Since you don’t want power cables and wires running across your ceiling, you need to have skilled electricians run wires through the ceiling and connect them to the power source and to a switch (if you want the convenience of a wall switch to turn the fan on and off). The electricians will also make sure that the ceiling fan has proper buffering so that the vibrations from its movement will not cause it to shake loose or damage the ceiling. In room with high ceilings, you will need electricians to properly hang the fan so that it comes to light level in the space.

Poor fan installation can cause problems for your electrical system, cause damage to ceiling material, and lead to inefficient performance. To get the most from your investment in a ceiling fan, make sure you have a professional handle the installation. A qualified electrician will finish the job quickly and accurately.

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